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Eugene Kaspersky ProtagonUSA
July 13, 2017

Hello Kaspersky Lab Partners,

Over the past few months, my company has faced ongoing accusations and false allegations made public by U.S. government officials and select media sources. Throughout these attacks, there remains a constant – facts are continuously misinterpreted or manipulated to fit the agenda of certain individuals desperately wanting there to be inappropriate ties between my company and the Russian government.

I want to reassure you, our valued partner - there is no evidence because no such inappropriate ties exist. While Kaspersky Lab regularly works with governments and law enforcement agencies around the world to fight cybercrime, the company has never helped, nor will help, any government in the world with its cyberespionage efforts.

For 20 years, Kaspersky Lab has been committed to trust and transparency, as our partners know firsthand. The company has a history in the IT security industry of always abiding by the highest ethical business practices and trustworthy development of technologies. These principles will never change, regardless of current geopolitical tensions or inaccurate media representations. We have never let – nor will we ever allow – false allegations stop us from fulfilling our primary mission of protecting people and businesses around the world from cyberthreats.

I’ve repeatedly offered to meet with government officials, testify before the U.S. Congress and provide the company’s source code for an official audit to help address any questions the U.S. government has about the company. We are ready and available to assist all concerned government organizations with any investigations, and I believe a deeper examination of Kaspersky Lab will confirm that these allegations are unfounded.

Despite these challenging times, I want to personally thank you, our valued partners. With your support, Kaspersky Lab continues to excel in North America. In fact, during the past few months, we’ve closed some of the biggest deals we’ve ever had in the region!

Please know my team and I are available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have stemming from these false, unfounded accusations and misrepresentations.

Thank you for allowing Kaspersky Lab, the best cybersecurity software on the market, to protect what matters most to your customers.


Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Lab