Protagon USA is a brand new cybersecurity company with experience. Our experts are prepared to handle all of your most advanced digital security requests and exceed your expectations. We are a group of diversified data security professionals located throughout several countries to provide you with the highest end technology and professional solutions. We offer a full line of products, software, and services, to satisfy the IT needs of the simple home user, small business users, and large corporate enterprise clients.


Protagon USA is looking for partners (Resellers and VAR's) in a cybersecurity sales field, for whole United States territory. Simple process, down to the point, very financially attractive margins, if approved.
Join the Protagon USA Partner Program today and build a profitable information security business with satisfied customers. We’ve designed the Protagon USA Partner Program to provide you with exceptional benefits and unlimited opportunity. There are four levels available in our partner program to match the different types and capabilities of our channel partners.
Higher performance and engagement brings greater reward and support to Silver, Gold and Platinum members. Which level is best for you?
ProtagonUSA Cyber Security


Getting the most out of the ProtagonUSA™ Partner Program.
As you achieve increasing levels of revenue or new business, you’re invited to consider a higher level, which will introduce further benefits and closer engagement with ProtagonUSA. The flexible tiers are designed to allow you to profit from the program corresponding to your level of investment and engagement.


For whom might sell data security products infrequently, can take advantage of ProtagonUSA’s essential marketing services and enjoy receiving occasional communications from ProtagonUSA. Registered is an excellent starting point for partners to learn more about our Products.


Have access to many useful resources available both online and offline and have full access to the many communications and sales tools available.


Enjoy a wealth of support including being listed in the Protagon USA online partner locator at so customers and prospects can find them easily.


Gain maximum support through our sales team as well as an online portal. Platinum level partners can also become our industry advisors as part of the ProtagonUSA Partner Advisory Committee.

NOTE: Membership in the Protagon USA Partner Program is not a prerequisite for selling ProtagonUSA products and/or services; however, membership is required to receive communications, incentives, and any other program benefits. The Protagon USA Partner Program is an “at will” agreement. ProtagonUSA reserves the right to modify or terminate a partner’s membership of the program.