InfoWatch Anti-DDoS detects and prevents DDoS attacks.


Continuous protection and ease of use

InfoWatch Attack Killer AntiDDoS delivers continuous and automated web resource protection, which does not require any actions from business owner in case of a DDoS attack, with a security officer learning about repelled attacks from reports only.

Blocking large-scale attacks in germ
The system detects and blocks DDoS attacks at the initial stage, leveraging QRator distributed filtering node network across the backbone channels of major Internet providers. The resource is protected on all seven OSI stack layers with a strong focus on application layer.

Extreme fault tolerance
InfoWatch Attack Killer AntiDDoS delivers guaranteed enterprise SLA even if one or several filtering nodes fail.


  1. Upon connection to the system, all protected traffic is permanently routed through QRator distributed network of filtering nodes.
  2. Continuous monitoring of the protected traffic structure in normal conditions allows the system to detect deviations and immediately respond to a DDoS attack. Analyzed traffic undergoes layered filtering based on behavioral, heuristic, and signature algorithms.
  3. Filtered ('clean') traffic arrives to a corporate infrastructure via either the Internet (IPIP), or a dedicated channel MPLS VPN L2.


HTTPS traffic filtering
The filtering algorithms of InfoWatch Attack Killer AntiDDoS allow for the encrypted HTTPS traffic to be automatically processed either with encryption keys, or without them.

DNS server protection
A distributed and secure DNS operating in Zone transfer or Reverse proxy modes protects the customer's own DNS servers within its infrastructure.

User-friendly web interface
InfoWatch Attack Killer AntiDDoS has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface and makes it possible to expand the list of protected web assets, modify black and white lists, set up alerts and receive reports on system status and occurred incidents.

Customer traffic balancing
When a customer's website runs on web servers located in one or several data centers, the system ensures its fault-tolerance even if one of the servers fails. InfoWatch offers five traffic balancing algorithms to choose from.

Secure receipt of cleared traffic
Although the 'cleared' traffic arrives to the protected site via the Internet, which is impossible to control, InfoWatch – upon protected company's request – makes available a dedicated MPLS VPN L2 channel and thus guarantees uninterrupted website availability even if ISP or customer's data center suffers from serious malfunction.


When integrated with WAF, AntiDDoS adds rules to block traffic at the filtering nodes, thus reducing load on a web application.