ProtagonUSA Cyber Security


"We believe that everyone - from domestic users to large corporations and governments, have the right to learn how to use and be safe using technology, in the broadest daily aspects. We made it our mission to provide for the world technology tools and knowledge under a replicability concept. We reach results faster and with better costs. We are here to show the shortest path to the best results."

-Breno Pilar, CEO of Protagon USA


ProtagonUSA™ was formed from the convergence of different technology experts and business entrepreneurs, following a major premise of processes replicability. One of our strengths is to connect the right people and businesses for the best interests and better results with reasonable costs.

The ProtagonUSA™ Holding offer to the American market cyber security technology and complementary services through different partners part of the company holding. You and your business can take advantage of our products and services and even get an expert helping during the entire process, to ensure each project will reach the goal in the shortest time and in a most profitable way.

ProtagonUSA™, Inc. is a group of technology consultants utilizing innovative convergent technologies focused on offering efficient solutions to our customers. From SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) customers to large enterprise clients we have your cyber security solution.

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